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Gonski 2.0 Funding

Gonski 2.0 is a 40% Gonski

Trevor Cobbold, Save Our Schools, May 2017.  Gonski 2.0 is not what it seems.  It is not a good deal for public schools. Despite the appearance of a large increase in funding to 2026-27, it will deliver only a miniscule increase in inflation-adjusted funding per student. Read the article here:  Gonski 2.0 Is a 40% […]

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The dreadful UK phonics test is not for Australia

David Hornsby, 12 April 2017.  Why would a dreadful phonics test with multiple problems be considered here in Australia?  Why would a problematic phonics test on one day of the year be preferred to continuous, meaningful phonics assessment that informs teaching?  Why would Simon Birmingham consider an inappropriate assessment that violates the requirements of the Australian […]

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Are e-Books a waste of money?

The Age, 21 March 2017.  A new study shows that giving children devices such a Kindles and iPads inhibits reading.  The study challenges the myth that children are digital natives who prefer screens.  Similar research by the OECD found that computers and iPads fail to boost numeracy and literacy skills.  Read the article here

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