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Proposed Year 1 literacy testing and phonics

Dr Eileen Honan, University of Queensland.  An open letter to the Minister of Education, Queensland.  Honan points out that the so-called “expert panel” is far from expert.  Not one of them has conducted research into the teaching of reading and the two most important literacy organisations (ALEA and PETAA) have been excluded. Read the letter […]

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grim reaper

More school funding cuts by stealth    8 Dec 2016.  – Proposals before the national education ministers’ council meeting next week involve cutting school funding by stealth.  Claims by the Federal Govt that it is increasing school funding from 2018 are a swindle and public schools will suffer the most.  Read the article here

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large group exam

PISA results 2015

Stewart Riddle, The Conversation, 7 Dec 2016.  – Before we panic about the PISA results, let’s look at what we can learn from the latest results and what they mean for a more equitable and high-performing Australian school system.  Read the article here. (Enter “PISA” in the search box for more information.)

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