Literacy Educators

Literacy is basically the ability to read and write. The cognitive aspect focuses on the ability to interpret what you read. This implies when reading one should understand the message and comprehend the purpose of the content which he is Reading. The social aspect involves the evaluation of the experiences and the message being conveyed.

How to teach Literacy?

There is no magic in preaching literacy you need to be an effective teacher who follows a particular strategy here are some of the methods that you can use to effectively teach literacy.

Allocate more Time

You need to spend more time teaching your learners to write and read because that forms the basis of literacy. Besides, you should also try to review if they are grasping what you are trying to teach so that you can know how to gauge their understanding.

Use Books

There are several authors of children’s books. Therefore, you should have a lot of books for children to read to help them learn more effectively.

Use effective strategies

You need effectively teach literacy using functional strategies that will help your learners to master the basic skills and knowledge.

Encourage learners to talk about experiences

You need to encourage your learners to talk about what they are learning so that they might remember.

Give assignments

You need to give your students some tasks and assignments to help them build a wide knowledge of literacy.

Administer Tests

Ensure you fully assess the children by giving a frequent test to know if they are getting what is being taught.

Importance of Literacy

The following are the benefits of literacy.

Development of Memory skills

Reading helps in strengthening memory skills because the student is required to recall the past action the settings and the characters which also contributes to a stronger memory.

It expands vocabulary

Reading is an effective way in which a young reader can expand vocabulary levels this helps in learning new words and even utilizing them in their speech.

Improve concentration

Literacy helps students to develop higher concentration by helping them to analyze and focus on various topics. This prepares them to be alert on what they are reading so that they must understand and internalize the content comprehensively.

Self Esteem

The most important aspect of literacy is the improvement of self-esteem. When a learner is certain that he can read and speak effectively he will develop confidence and desire to learn more. This Makes the learner be aware of the contemporary world and be able to naturally blend in and communicate his ideas and the required skills.

What is literacy Rate in Australia

Adult literacy rates are determined by the percentage of people who are 15 years and above and they can write and read as well as understand what the Reading in their everyday life. Therefore, the literacy rate in Australia is 99%. Most people are capable of reading and writing because of the improved education level. This has made the literacy rate to be consistent from 2015