Literacy Teaching and Learning

What is teaching literacy?
It is the form of teaching reading and writing basics to students. Believe it or not, this can still be done to college students. It gets harder and harder the more students grow older. At first, they will think it is pretty easy but when time passes by, they will know that it will get pretty hard. By the time you get to college, you are going to be reading long passages with hard to understand words. After that, you will need to answer a few questions about the passage and none of them are easy. In fact, the questions will most likely tackle words that are pretty new to you. Whether you answer them correct or wrong, the only sure thing is that you will learn a bunch of new words. When students learn literacy, they will understand life even more. They will be encouraged to explore what is out there. They did not feel the same way before because they did not know about several things. Now that they read more stuff, they will begin to wonder.

What is the role of literacy in education?
Literacy is a basic foundation for everything. When you learn to read and write, you will talk to people. Besides, reading and writing are used in different subjects too. That means this would need to be the first thing you learn before you can tackle other subjects. It is not that hard to learn the basics and you are going to use it each day so you will certainly practice. For example, you would need to read textbooks about Science to know what the latest lesson is all about. If you don’t know how to read then that can’t happen. Also, you would need to take down notes while the teacher is teaching the lesson. You would need to have good handwriting for you to understand what you wrote though. It is also possible some of your classmates who were absent that day would want to photocopy your works. When that happens, they will feel great about themselves.

What is the teaching and learning cycle?
Literacy teaching is when teachers teach it to their students. This is not easy to do as each teacher needs to be licensed in order to actually do this. Also, the teachers need to make a lesson plan for the students to properly get the lessons in their heads. It actually needs to be different all the time because students also get bored. For example, you can’t let students read books for the entire semester. That may be fun for some kids but it is going to get boring after a few weeks. No matter how good the teacher is, the students may not feel the urge to come to school anymore. The important thing is the students will actually learn something from the lessons. In fact, this is the reason why teachers make students take exams. It is to check whether they learned anything or not. If they get high scores in the exams, then they certainly learned a lot of things. When students learn something, they will usually remember it for the rest of their lives. Knowledge is definitely something money can’t buy.

How do you teach literacy in the classroom?
There are many methods for the teacher to teach literacy to students. One way would be to make the students read a chapter in a book. After that, the teacher will give some sort of graded recitation where she asks random students a bunch of questions. This would check whether or not the students understood what they read. If they were not able to answer the questions correctly then that means they did not understand what they read that much. There are some students who are pretty fast in understanding things though. They would want to move to the next lesson quickly as their mind absorbs things rather fast. They even want the lessons done in a fast-paced manner. Another way to teach literacy would be to have students write a long essay then read it in front of the entire class. At first, the students will get nervous so they would need to do something about their confidence.