Medical Assistant

What do you do as a medical assistant?
The duties of a medical assistant are a lot. First, you take down vital signs including blood pressure so you must know how to record that sign. The first thing you must do as a medical assistant is to know the personal information of the patient including past medical history. This would allow the doctor to know if the patient’s current condition has anything to do with any past illnesses. Another thing a medical assistant does is to schedule patient appointments with the doctor. When someone wants to schedule an appointment with a doctor, there is a good chance that person has to deal with the medical assistant. The assistant will then tell the person what schedule is available and the patient will just choose from the time and date given to him.

What is a medical assistant not allowed to do?
Medical assistants can’t interpret test results. That task could only be done by doctors. Also, medical assistants are not allowed to give advice to patients regarding what they would need to do about their current condition. That is another thing that is left to doctors. Besides, medical assistants don’t have enough knowledge to give proper medications for certain illnesses. A medical assistant is also not allowed to inject medicine into the IV line as other medical professionals are allowed to do that.

Is Medical Assisting a good job?
It is a job that pays great, advised medical assisting Courses. In fact, the average wage for a medical assistant is $32946. Add that to the fact that you are in a high-demand industry. You will never lose patients in the hospital and there are times when there are a lot of patients. When you do overtime, you will certainly get more than your average pay. You will need to work long hours though so that it something you may need to get used to. Also, there tend to be a ton of medical assistants so you are expected to get a shifting schedule. Besides, you can’t have some medical assistants want to be graveyard shift all the time so you will keep on shifting especially when there are people who are absent.

What is the difference between a nurse and a medical assistant?
Both jobs entail taking care of sick patients at the office. The big difference is nurses also do administrative work which means taking down data of the patients. Meanwhile, a medical assistant does not have to do that as the person is just involved with taking care of patients alone. Nurses are also tasked to write what needs to be done to the patient in the coming days. That can’t be true for the medical assistant as they can only do what the doctor tells them to do. There are times when the assistant works for one doctor only and they follow this doctor wherever he decides to go from one patient to another. Perhaps, the biggest difference is nurses are paid higher than medical assistants.