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Education chief: tests no measure of schools

NATIONAL literacy and numeracy test results should not be used for school accountability, the state’s head of education says. The NSW Director-General of Education, Michele Bruniges, will tell a national education conference in Sydney today that the use of test data such as National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy results should not to be […]

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Gonski review lost in political point-scoring

The NSW Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli, says Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have made “awful” comments on school funding this week and has criticised them for reigniting the debate over financial support for public versus private schools. “The greatest problem here is overcoming the politics. I think everybody knows what the right thing to do […]

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Recipe for education apartheid

IT HAS been truly said: every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost. The Gonski report on school funding concluded that restoring equity across the three systems (public, Catholic and independent) would require the spending of some $6 billion a year by 2014 on students from low socio-economic status (SES) households and other […]

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Victoria arms for Gonski reform battle

VICTORIA is braced for a show-down over school funding reform, with the federal government expected to employ similar political tactics as it did over the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The federal government is likely to contribute about $3 billion – far more than the $1.5 billion the Gonski review suggested was its share of the […]

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Evaluating teachers is not so easy

ANNE G. FAIGEN, a novelist who was a high school teacher, knows from experience that assessing classroom performance is indeed complicated. In a conversation about the intractable problems of the Middle East, one of David Grossman’s characters in his compelling novel, “To the End of the Land,” says, “Who could possibly come up with a […]

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How not to GONSKI

If Australia is to guide our nations’ school kids intelligently, the Q&A raucous discussion on TV about numbers, dollars and sizes sets a bad example. It was such a sterile slanging match. The kids, whom governments force into buildings called schools, hardly rated a mention. There was little reference to what happens in the school […]

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Improving teacher effectiveness

Christopher Pyne writes that we need to change the attitudes high-performing school leavers have towards a career in education (“Better teachers, not more, the ‘education revolution’ we need”, 21-22/7). So far, so good. Unfortunately, there is then no mention of the improved salaries and working conditions that might genuinely do this. Instead, he cites the […]

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How do Finnish kids excel without rote learning and standardized testing?

How do Finnish kids excel without rote learning and standardized testing? Dr Sahlberg, a Finnish education official, says “teaching and learning in schools should rely on principles of active participation, social interaction and reflection.” In Australia, we’ve gone back to rote learning, practice tests because of NAPLAN. Published on The Globe and Mail website. Read […]

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