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Father helping son do homework. Problems with homework

What are ‘decodable readers’ and do they work?

The Conversation, 1 Nov 2018.  The Australian Curriculum defines decoding as ‘A process of working out the meaning of words in a text. In decoding, readers draw on contextual, vocabulary, grammatical and phonic knowledge.’  However, the Victorian coalition defines decoding only as ‘sounding out letters’ and wants their misinformed view of decodable readers in schools […]

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Haitch or aitch?

The Conversation, 7 June 2018.   How a humble letter was held hostage by historical haughtiness.   (Naming the letter ‘haitch’ actually help students learn its correspondence with the sound /h/.)  Read the article here

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Melbourne Phonics Symposium, 5 May 2018

A phonics symposium, co-sponsored by Australian Catholic University, Australian Literacy Educators Association and The University of Sydney: The Role of Phonics in Learning to be Literate is being held at Australian Catholic University, 114 Victoria Pde, Fitzroy Speakers:  Marie Emmitt, Robyn Ewing AM, David Hornsby, Pauline Jones, Lisa Kervin, Jessica Mantei, Jackie Manuel. The symposium […]

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