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The future of learning

InsightCreative, 13 Nov 2018.  Visit Wooranna Park Primary School in Dandenong, Melbourne, where learning spaces are rich and engaging and children’s minds are being prepared for the future.  Read the article here

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Are e-Books a waste of money?

The Age, 21 March 2017.  A new study shows that giving children devices such a Kindles and iPads inhibits reading.  The study challenges the myth that children are digital natives who prefer screens.  Similar research by the OECD found that computers and iPads fail to boost numeracy and literacy skills.  Read the article here

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A Kohn

The overselling of ed tech

Technology should be used to put students in control of their own learning. All too often, however, technology is more often used to make teaching easier and to supplement traditional instructional strategies. Current data fails to show much benefit resulting from use of technology.

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Too much tech can mess with teens’ health

The Huffington Post, 4 Nov 2015.   – Instagram star confesses, ‘Social media isn’t real. It’s contrived images and edited clips ranked against each other. … It’s perfectly orchestrated self absorbed judgement.’  Excessive screen use can take a toll on well-being.  Read the article here

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